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Buys for Good, LLC is a consulting group highly skilled at analyzing and advising organizations on their most immediate and long-term supply & branding challenges... These unique services are flexible and connected by nature, and designed to address a client’s specific need. Our clients include, but are not limited to, non-profits of all sizes, government and business.

With more than 30 years of experience in connecting organizations with partners to meet a wide range of key business needs, we can provide the kind of expertise that creates customized solutions to fit your organization’s unique culture and objectives... all in a socially responsible manner.

Uses the power of "mass buying" to generate savings and reduce costs in short-term and long-term by focusing on "cost structure" and creative ways of purchasing (buyers) and also dealing with enlightened (sellers) providers.

We enlist sellers/distributors that see the value of "negotiating" and "re-negotiating" contracts and agreements in a market situation that requires moderation in pricing (and profit) and increased value in long-term business relationships. The "win-win" model.

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We specialize in contingency-based solutions to your buying needs . The fees are paid for by partners who help bring you solutions and/or through a portion of the savings we generate for your organization or business.

We are in constant contact with the region's best service providers, and we speak their language and offer them the best connections to organizations/
businesses who need services.